• The subscription includes :

– Equipment supply :

An AVL device per vehicle with GSM and high powered GPS antennas in a small case. The wiring and maintenance operations are reduced to their simplest expression. Once installed and concealed in the vehicle, it can transmit data to GloboConnect platform in real time.

A GPRS SIM card per AVL device with the subscription for all communications.

The data hosting on secure servers.

Two subscriptions formula purposed :

→ A rental offer “all inclusive”.

→ A purchase offer for the hardware equipment and a monthly service fee.

– The assistance and hardware maintenance :

♦ Connection fees, configuration and the hardware parameter adjustment.

Follow up the proper functioning of the AVL device during the time of the subscription.

  • Services used on the platform GloboConnect :

– Permanent access via a user name and a password from any PC connected to the Internet for the geographic tracking of your vehicles.

– On any computer, each authorized user of the company accesses securely the data he needs to control the action.

  • Sending exception report (commonly known reports of alerts or anomalies) :

– In order not to overload the platform, these reports are generated and transmitted from an autonomous server.

– They will be transmitted to your convenience (type of reports, time …) to your email box.

  • Training your employees to the subscribed platform.
  • An user assistance (hotline).