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Fast food delivery: why geolocate two-wheelers?

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Utilizing geolocation-assisted fleet management tools and, more broadly, embedded computing solutions in the fast-food sector can prove highly beneficial for the efficient delivery of pizzas, sushi, kebabs, and more.

Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum software offerings present a plethora of features tailored to the specific requirements of fast-food professionals. The key focal points for these professionals in terms of fleet management include:

  • Real-time tracking of motorcycles, vehicles, and delivery personnel: This feature enables you to monitor the current activities of a delivery person, whether they are actively on the road or taking a break, providing precise location information. This not only empowers the delivery personnel but also fosters a commitment to adhering to delivery schedules.
  • Consult the trip histories: allows the fleet manager to find all the deliverer’s journeys on the platform or by receiving them automatically by e-mail, count the number of trips, driving time and distance traveled, note traffic violations such as speeding, knowing the time slot (day/night/holiday) of a transport, and possibly checking the honesty of a driver by detecting undeclared work. Some of the fleet manager’s tasks are therefore automated, for example he will no longer need to manually enter the mileage of the vehicles, which will save him time and make him more comfortable in the execution of his work.
  • Generate comprehensive statistics and compute utilization rates for the vehicles: Determine the usage frequency and mileage of vehicles to optimize the equitable distribution of free vehicles among drivers, facilitating more targeted maintenance scheduling for those in need. Additionally, track the start and end times of a driver’s workday to instill accountability for punctuality and adherence to their designated working hours. This dual approach ensures efficient vehicle allocation and fosters a culture of responsibility among drivers.
  • Recovering a stolen vehicle: In the event of a vehicle theft, the fleet manager can issue a starter cut-off command, immobilizing the vehicle as soon as the thief comes to a halt. Simultaneously, the system provides the precise location of the vehicle to the police, facilitating prompt recovery.
  • Achieve maintenance savings.
  • Ensuring the safety of drivers from potential attacks or accidents: Utilize our provided alert button to respond promptly and initiate contact with emergency services for a swift and efficient reaction.
  • Establish a comprehensive database encompassing the entire fleet of vehicles and drivers: Streamline the administrative responsibilities of the fleet manager by centralizing information, facilitating better organization. Access vehicle details, including the date of last maintenance, fuel type, and registration number. Keep track of driver assignments to specific vehicles in real-time through the use of Dallas keys.
  • Be alerted by SMS or e-mail: The operator receives real-time notifications for any instances of non-compliance with instructions, eco-driving practices, or authorized speed limits. Additionally, alerts are triggered when a vehicle enters or exits the garage, reaches specific locations like a regular customer’s address, a designated rest area, or an area where parking is not allowed.

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