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Call to action for road safety: Message to oil company decision-makers and their transporters.

Hazardous Goods Transportation: Preventing to Protect

Fresh produce transport company: why geolocate vehicles?


Loss of attention detector: safety first

Are my workers fraudulently using my company’s equipment?

Fast food delivery: why geolocate two-wheelers?

Transport of hazardous products: why geolocate vehicles?

Bus companies and public transport: what needs for embedded IT solutions?

Parcel delivery company: why geolocate vehicles?

Vehicle rental companies: why geolocate vehicles?

Taxi Cabs companies: why geolocate vehicles?

Société de taxis VTC

Why should you have dashcams?

The smart padlock, a connected electronic padlock for trailers and containers.

Our on-board computer and multimedia solution: the all-in-one embedded touchscreen, and the Titan Android multitasking interactive software.

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