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Hazardous Goods Transportation: Preventing to Protect

Hazardous Goods Transportation: Preventing to Protect.

We would like to present in this article our rollover detection system for trucks transporting hazardous materials. Developed several years ago, this product has already proven its effectiveness, successfully installed by several of our clients and tested on numerous occasions.

This ingenious system is not just an innovative idea but a tangible reality that has demonstrated its efficiency in real-life situations. Thanks to it, our clients have enhanced the safety of their transportation and contributed to the protection of surrounding communities. 🚛💡


The system consists of an ATEX-compliant loudspeaker and a high-tech beacon that analyzes the driver’s behavior and the impacts suffered by the vehicle. As soon as a rollover is detected, the system sends an instant alert to the vehicle management center. Simultaneously, a warning message is broadcast via the loudspeaker to inform the surrounding populations of the accident and encourage them to stay at a distance. 📢✅


The need to enhance the safety of transporting hazardous materials is more evident than ever. Accidents involving these trucks can have devastating consequences. To illustrate the urgency of the situation, we will share a press review after this article highlighting the risks and consequences associated with accidents of this type. These events demonstrate the crucial importance of equipping ourselves with advanced technologies to ensure the safety of all. 📰🌐


By investing in this system, we contribute not only to protecting our roads, drivers, and products but also to ensuring the safety of the communities along our roads. Together, let’s make road safety a priority and work to prevent accidents before they occur.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss how this innovation can benefit your organization.



At least eight people have been killed after a fuel truck exploded in southwestern Nigeria as residents were trying to siphon petrol out of it, police said.
The truck was involved in an accident on Sunday night in a neighbourhood of Ondo state which caused it to veer off the road and topple on its side, the police said on Monday.
(…) Fuel truck accidents are common in Nigeria where petroleum products are often carried across the country by road as rail infrastructure is mostly outdated or inadequate.

The death toll from a gas tanker blast in Johannesburg on Christmas Eve has climbed to 27, the provincial health department said on Thursday.

At least five people were killed and 50 injured late on Sunday when a fire broke out in a truck transporting diesel fuel (…).
The source said that after the truck overturned but before it set on fire some people from other cars had approached it to try and take fuel from the truck’s tank. “(Those) citizens approached it to refuel without realizing the magnitude of the danger.

The death toll from a fuel truck explosion in Haiti rose to 75 on Wednesday as doctors scrambled to treat the wounded from an incident that officials say was made more deadly by residents approaching the vehicle in a desperate search for fuel.

The Zinder-Infos website said two trucks collided and rolled over on Sunday evening at Tirmini, about 10 kilometres (six miles) from the town of Zinder. Local residents then came running to siphon off fuel from the trucks when one of the vehicles caught fire, Tirmini’s mayor told Zinder-Infos.

(…) In May 2019, a total of 76 people died and 40 were seriously burned when a truck transporting 50,000 litres (13,200 gallons) of petrol to neighbouring Burkina Faso exploded.

The fire claimed the lives of five persons amongst the youths who had come to scoop the spilled fuel and also combusted several properties which include the following: the fallen tanker, eight buses of different makes, two Tankers, five Trailers, two Motorcycles, one Siena Space bus and one ‘C’ Class Mercedes Benz car.

Seven people were killed when a fuel tanker truck caught fire and exploded in southern Libya on Monday, according to a local source.    
More than 40 people were also injured in the incident which took place in the town of Bent Bayya, the source told Anadolu Agency.  
The source said the truck caught fire as local residents were attempting to take leaked fuel after it broke down. 

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