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The smart padlock, a connected electronic padlock for trailers and containers.

Theft of goods, a headache for businesses.

Companies and carriers are regularly victims of theft affecting goods during their transit. To protect themselves against the theft of goods, companies need to be extra vigilant by using new technologies that will provide them with remote monitoring and much faster responsiveness.

GloboConnect’s answer: the smart padlock.

GloboConnect thus provides a new solution in response to this need, and adds to its product catalog the smart padlock, which is a connected and geolocatable electronic padlock designed to secure goods stored in trailers or containers, or to protect any opening.

The smart padlock is a programmable device equipped with a rechargeable battery via a USB cable with a battery life of up to 30 days.

The smart padlock can be unlocked using an RFID card, and it can be opened remotely, by sending an opening command from our platforms.

A connected tool.

The smart padlock is also equipped with a GPS chip and a GSM modem which sends its geographical positions at the desired frequency, or in the event of an alarm clock such as:

  • In the event of excessive vibrations or jolts
  • When receiving a remote command
  • When reading an authorized RFID card
  • When locked or unlocked.

The electronic padlock can also send an alarm message, to a server address or by SMS to a telephone number, if the device is subject to the following manipulations:

  • The cable is severed
  • Reading an authorized RFID identifier
  • Unlocking the padlock
  • Excessive vibration
  • POI entry
  • POI exit
  • Low battery.

The smart padlock stores up to 5 phone numbers for texting and up to 20 RFID identifiers.

These characteristics make this product the ideal tool for securing high-value goods, to track their movements, to know when, where and by whom the padlock has been opened, and to be alerted in real time case of attempted fraudulent opening.

The smart padlock is operational on our three platforms Silver, Gold and Platinum, which provide, for example, detailed reports and alarm settings.

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Goods tracking – Connected padlock – Remote opening – Waterproof and robust case – 8 alarms – GPS position transmission when waking up – Integrated antennas for easy installation – Easy to use

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