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Are my workers fraudulently using my company’s equipment?

Remotely monitor your vehicle fleet and keep tabs on how it’s being used!

Inputs reports provide the fleet manager with information processed by the sensors installed on a vehicle. These sensors are connected to our geolocation tracker Type XX, and can be placed anywhere on a vehicle for a specific purpose.

They can, for example, transmit the temperature with a temperature sensor placed inside a refrigerated truck, provide information on the activation and deactivation of the PTO, the direction of rotation of a concrete mixer, the opening and closing a door or a valve… and many other things, while accessing time data and the GPS position whenever the sensor or vehicle status changes.

On the practical side, these sensors make it possible to spot undeclared work carried out by unscrupulous employees with vehicles and tools belonging to their company.

No more little tricks negotiated without your knowledge and carried out at your expense!

If one of your employees pours a concrete slab, empties a septic tank, or carries out work for one of your customers or prospects, with your company’s equipment and outside of their working hours, you will be notified by real time and you can react accordingly.

Entry reports are available as an option on the SILVER platform, and as standard on the GOLD and PLATINUM platforms.

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