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Are my workers fraudulently using my company’s equipment?

Effortlessly oversee your vehicle fleet remotely and stay informed about its usage patterns!

Input reports furnish the fleet manager with insights gleaned from sensors integrated into a vehicle. These sensors seamlessly connect to our geolocation tracker Type XX, offering flexibility in placement anywhere on the vehicle for targeted functionality.

For instance, these sensors have the capability to relay temperature readings from within a refrigerated truck, furnish details on the activation and deactivation of the PTO, monitor the rotation direction of a concrete mixer, and track the opening and closing of doors or valves—among numerous other functionalities. Additionally, they access timestamped data and GPS positions whenever there is a change in sensor status or vehicle conditions.

On a pragmatic note, these sensors prove invaluable in identifying any undisclosed work conducted by unscrupulous employees who may be utilizing company vehicles and tools for unauthorized purposes.

Put an end to clandestine maneuvers negotiated without your awareness and executed at your expense!

Should any of your employees undertake tasks such as pouring a concrete slab, emptying a septic tank, or conducting work for your customers or prospects using your company’s equipment outside of their designated working hours, you will receive real-time notifications, enabling you to respond promptly and appropriately.

Entry reports are available as an option on the SILVER platform, and as standard on the GOLD and PLATINUM platforms.

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