The GloboConnect group is an international key player in the field of embedded computing, and give access to integrated solutions for the control of your fleet.

The GloboConnect Group represents more than 500 people in the service of our customers since 2009, in 34 countries.

GloboConnect uses its own high-tech materials : tracking devices’ technology from 8 to 128 bits, from 1 input/output to 13 inputs/outputs, mono or bi-processors, ecodriving management from GC-27, quad-band, 2 meters accuracy, integrated GPS and GPRS antennas, developed on the standards of the US military (shock and vibration), operating temperature from -30°C up to +75°C and tropicalized circuits.

The GloboConnect group is located on 5 continents, which allows comfort and speed of the platform even for fleets containing several thousands of vehicles. The data is downloaded in a short time, even with a limited Internet speed.

The 5 GloboConnect softwares are intuitive and evolutive, and regularly offers new applications without additional charges.

A fleet management service outsourced : in addition to existing reports standard on the platform (nearly 50 on Platinum), GloboConnect’s customers get an analysis of their fleet activity carried out by experts (driving analysis, oil consumption, times, speeds…).