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Anomaly reports

The driving exceptions module is designed to pinpoint and highlight any deviations from safe driving practices and violations of safety regulations set by the company. It incorporates a monitoring system that categorizes driving irregularities according to their level of severity, enabling the platform user to swiftly address critical situations that may jeopardize driver safety.

This system can promptly identify instances such as speeding in non-hazardous areas, sudden and harsh acceleration or braking, compliance with regulations governing driving and rest periods, driving or parking in restricted zones or unauthorized areas, and the risk of vehicle rollovers or tipping. For each prioritized event, the system generates email alerts to notify the user.

By providing real-time alerts, this feature enables you to take immediate action to ensure the safety of your drivers and vehicles. This can help you to minimize the risk of accidents, reduce insurance premiums, and improve overall fleet performance.

Available on the Platinum platform.

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