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Rollover detection device and alert to populations

The detector is composed of 110dB loudspeaker meeting the ATEX standard, and a crashbox, a high-tech device with a 3D accelerometer that analyzes the behavior of the driver and the shocks suffered by the vehicle while offering great reliability.

The detector is activated in case of rollover or tilt. This device is independent and evolves in complete autonomy on the vehicle on which it is installed.

When the vehicle crosses the threshold of inclination of 50°, the crashbox, a unit of analysis in accidentology, detects he overturning or the tilting thanks to its accelerometer 3D.

A configurable multi-language message instantly sounds via ATEX shock and explosion-proof loudspeaker, and an alarm is sent to the server.

The remote operator is thus warned in real time of the incident, as are the populations required to move away from the accident vehicle in order to protect them from any danger linked to a potential explosion.

Key features :

  • Ultrasensitive, high quality GPS module
  • Integrated GSM and GPS antennas for ease of installation
  • Motion sensor and 3D accelerometer
  • 20 000-message memory capacity in case of network loss
  • Built-in 1Ah Li-ion battery
  • RGL 110dB loudspeaker
  • Personalized message broadcasting
  • Remote update of the crashbox

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