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Like the DMS, the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is based on AI technology and monitors the external environment in front of the vehicle. This device allows, among other things, to detect and alert the driver in the event of an imminent head-on collision, collision with a cyclist or pedestrian, continuous line crossing, non-compliance with safety distances, etc.

Connected to the MDVR, videos relating to the events that have occurred are automatically recorded and the data is transmitted to our servers.

Key features:

  • FORWARD COLLISION WARNING (FCW): The system emits a visual and audible alert when an imminent collision with an obstacle is detected.

  • PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLIST COLLISION ALERT: The system emits a visual and audible alert before an impending collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, so that the driver has time to react.

  • LANE DEPARTURE ALERT: The system emits a visual and audio alert when there is a lane change without the use of the turn signal.

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