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Eco-driving : Technology serving sustainable development.

    1. A tracking device is installed in the vehicle.
    2. It is remotely configured with an Eco-Driving Profile.
    3. For every exceptional event (harsh braking, hard acceleration, speeding, etc…) a report is sent to a server.
      At the same time the driver is notified of his infraction by a buzzer (which the volume is configurable).
    4. The fleet manager is informed of all violations via reports which can be in real-time, scheduled or upon request.
      All information can be viewed on a secure web-based platform.
    5. Detailed analysis of the results can be presented to the drivers to highlight any issues and implement actions plans.

The benefits :

  • Monitor your drivers’ behaviours remotely in real-time.
  • Highlight positive and negative aspects at a glance thanks to a meaningful rating system.
  • Help drivers to improve their performance via an in-cab buzzer.
  • Monitor their performance on a daily basis.

The aims :

  • 15% fewer accidents.
  • 15% fuel savings.
  • 12,5% less CO² emissions.

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