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Geoloc Recovery System: The LTE-130 tracker and its backup tracker BT-130.

You are surely aware that thousands of vehicles are stolen each year. Some of these vehicles are even equipped with GPS tracking systems. However, it happens that thieves use tracker detectors (costing less than 30 euros), which actually detect the GPRS modem.

The typical scenario unfolds as follows:

  1. The thief searches for the tracking unit.
  2. They disconnect and discard the tracker.
  3. They drive away with the vehicle.
  4. The vehicle is lost.

In the solution we offer, we incorporate an autonomous, undetectable tracker (with Bluetooth sensor). This tracker can be concealed anywhere in the vehicle. The main tracker has a Bluetooth transmitter. At regular intervals, the autonomous tracker checks for the presence of the main tracker through its Bluetooth channel. The modem of the autonomous tracker is deactivated.

In the event of a theft, here’s how the process unfolds:

  1. The thief searches for the tracking unit. Since the modem of the autonomous tracker is deactivated, the thief does not detect it with their device (as they are unaware of the existence of the autonomous tracker and do not attempt to discard it).
  2. The thief disconnects and discards the main tracker.
  3. The thief drives away with the vehicle.
  4. Once the vehicle is in motion, the secondary tracker, no longer detecting the main tracker, activates its communications.
  5. An alarm is sent to the server, indicating that the secondary tracker has taken over, and the main tracker is no longer operational. This immediately signals that the vehicle has been stolen, even though the main tracker has been disconnected, allowing for swift intervention.
  6. The secondary tracker sends regular position updates to locate the vehicle. The thief remains unaware.
  7. The vehicle is located and recovered.

How is the Geoloc Recovery system presented?

The Geoloc Recovery system consists of two tracker:

  1. The LTE-130 tracker is the main tracker that transmits its positions like any conventional GPS tracker. It requires installation by connecting it to the vehicle’s electrical circuit.
  2. The BT-130 tracker is the secondary tracker. It is equipped with a non-rechargeable battery with an estimated lifespan of one year, and the replacement cost is approximately €12 including taxes. It communicates regularly with the main tracker to ensure its presence. Its modem remains deactivated and only activates when the main tracker is no longer detected.

When the Geoloc Recovery system is installed, your vehicle is geolocated, and you have access to the Platinum platform 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with numerous features, including:

  • Remote vehicle tracking on a map,
  • Trip reports,
  • Position history,
  • Export of reports in PDF and Excel formats,
  • Eco-driving reports,
  • POI management,
  • Summary reports,
  • Sharing tracking with a third party,
  • Vehicle and driver management interface,
  • Automated receipt of reports,
  • Alarm configuration.

How to install the trackers?

  • We recommend entrusting the installation of the main LTE-130 tracker to an automotive maintenance specialist, such as any independent auto mechanic. The installation cost may vary from €50 to €100 including taxes, depending on the rates of the chosen professional. Alternatively, you can perform the installation yourself, as a paper guide and an electrical wiring diagram will be provided with the Geoloc Recovery system.

  • The secondary tracker requires no specific installation and can be hidden anywhere in the vehicle. Only its battery needs replacement after one year.

What happens when the secondary tracker BT-130 no longer detects the main tracker LTE-130?

When the main LTE-130 tracker no longer confirms its presence to the secondary tracker BT-130, the latter patiently waits for the vehicle to be in motion to activate its communications. Its modem, dormant until then, wakes up, and an alarm is sent via SMS and/or email. You can then remotely track the movements of your vehicle, just as you could when the main tracker was still active.

What evidence supports the effectiveness of the Geoloc Recovery system, and how can it be ensured that a thief won’t discover the secondary tracker?

  • Our primary argument lies in the novelty of this system, unknown to even the most experienced thieves. This innovation has not been introduced by any of our competitors, who does not offer a similar product. Additionally, we are a discreet company that refrains from traditional and mainstream media communication.

  • Our second argument is that, after the thief detects the main tracker using their GPRS wave detector, the modem of the secondary tracker does not activate and remains undetectable until the vehicle is set in motion. We can reasonably assume that the thief, after removing the main tracker, must be confident enough to decide to drive the vehicle. Now, let’s consider that, in a moment of doubt, the thief decides to stop after driving a few kilometers, restarts the GPRS wave detection process with their device, and eventually finds the secondary tracker. What would convince them that a third or even a fourth tracker isn’t hidden somewhere, waiting to wake up only when they resume driving? Logically, they would realize that the risk is not worth it and that it would be better to abandon the vehicle where it is.

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