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Geolocation system Type 5 RECOVERY: Advanced LTE terminal with its secondary back-up tracker

The Type 5 RECOVERY geolocation system features both a primary and a backup secondary tracker, offering enhanced security for stolen vehicle recovery. Even in scenarios where the primary tracker is deactivated, the discreet and independently functioning secondary tracker, concealable anywhere within the vehicle, ensures ongoing tracking capabilities.

Here’s how it works: The LTE terminal functions as a standard device, connected like any typical tracking unit. Simultaneously, the secondary backup tracker operates autonomously, conducting regular checks for the primary tracker’s presence through a LE Bluetooth connection. If a disconnection is detected, the secondary backup tracker seamlessly takes over and promptly notifies you of the disconnection.

Key features:

  • Reliable 4G connection with fallback to 3G network.
  • Read vehicle CANBUS data.
  • Secondary tracker operates without an external power source.
  • Easy connection of accessories.
  • Pulse inputs for reading fuel flow meter data.
  • Remote update.
  • Simple and easy to use.

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