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New fleet management offer

For $249 excluding taxes, get a high quality tracker associated with a 2-year subscription to our vehicle management software, GPRS fees included!

  • GC-130 tracker specifications:

Receiver: Tracking:33
Tracking sensitivity: -165dBM
Position accuracy: <2.5m CEP
Velocity accuracy: <0,1m/s (with +/- 15% error)
Hot start: <1s
Warm start: <25s
Cold start: <35s
Dimensions (mm): 65 x 56.6 x 20.6
Weight (g): 55
Operating temperature without battery: -20°c to +85°c
Storage temperature without battery: -20°c to +85°c
Operating temperature with battery: -20°c to +40°c
Storage temperature with battery: -20°c to +45°c
Input voltage range: 10-30V DC with overvoltage protection
Internal back-up battery: 170mAh Li-ion battery 3.7V (0.63Wh)
Digital inputs: 3
Negative inputs: 1
Impulse inputs: 2
Digital outputs: 3
Analog inputs: 2
CAN adapter inputs: 1
1-Wire outputs: 1
GNSS antenna: Internal High Gain
Cellular antenna: Internal High Gain
128Mb internal flash memory with Micro-SIM and eSIM

  • The features available on the fleet management software:

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