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Smart padlock : connected padlock with GPS tracking

The smart padlock is a connected electronic padlock with GPS tracking. This electronic sealing device is designed to secure goods stored in trailers or containers, or to protect any opening.

The smart padlock unlocks using an RFID card or remotely on Silver, Gold, and Platinum platforms detects vibration using an accelerometer and sends email or SMS alerts in the event of :

  • Cut cable
  • Reading an RFID identifier
  • Unlock
  • Vibration
  • Area entry
  • Area exit
  • Low battery

Key features :

  • Ultrasensitive GPS.
  • Integrated GSM and GPS antennas for ease of installation.
  • Remote opening or with RFID card.
  • 8 possible alarms (SMS / Email)
  • IP67 sealed and rugged enclosure.
  • Internal rechargeable battery.
  • Built-in motion sensor.
  • Transmission of GPS position in case of alarm.
  • Clear user-friendly operation.

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