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Geolocation tracker Type 4 CRASHBOX

The geolocation tracker Type 4 CRASHBOX is a state-of-the-art AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) device featuring an integrated 3D accelerometer. With meticulous analysis of both driver behavior and vehicle impacts, this tracker ensures exceptional reliability.

Key features:

  • Ultrasensitive, high quality GPS module (2 meters accuracy).
  • Integrated GSM and GPS antennas for easy installation.
  • Built-in motion sensor.
  • 20 000-message memory capacity in case of network loss.
  • Built-in 1Ah Li-Ion battery.
  • 3D accelerometer.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates.
  • Clear user-friendly operation.
  • Shocks and vibration resistant: US Military standards.

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