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Explore a selection of our product offerings below. It’s important to note that these are overview summaries, and variations tailored to specific needs may exist for each product.


Geolocation tracker Type 1

Geolocation tracker Type 2 CLASSIC

The geolocation tracker Type 1 is a cost-effective tracking unit for vehicles designed for quick installation. It is an ideal solution for protecting vehicles against theft, car rental, or other applications that may require battery backup.

The geolocation tracker Type 2 CLASSIC features state-of-the-art technology, including a new 3D accelerometer for measuring driver behavior and vehicle impacts, ensuring high reliability.

Geolocation tracker Type 2 IP67

Geolocation tracker Type 3 RECHARGEABLE

The geolocation tracker Type 2 IP67 is a cost-effective solution designed for easy and reliable installation in vehicles. It is intended for monitoring equipment and protecting against theft, specifically for two-wheelers, snowmobiles, and other outdoor recreational vehicles.

The geolocation tracker Type 3 RECHARGEABLE is a device with a rechargeable battery designed for tracking trailers, containers, and barges. Its reliability is guaranteed for up to 4 months.

Geolocation tracker Type 3 AUTONOMOUS

Geolocation tracker Type 4 CRASHBOX

The geolocation tracker Type 3 AUTONOMOUS is an advanced non-rechargeable battery tracking device, meticulously engineered for the continuous tracking and tracing of trailers and containers. With a reliability assurance of up to 5 years, it offers a durable and long-lasting solution for your tracking needs.

The geolocation tracker Type 4 CRASHBOX is an advanced GPS unit tailored for accident analysis. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, it features a 3D accelerometer to precisely gauge driver behavior and assess vehicle impacts, ensuring top-notch reliability in the process.

Geolocation system Type 5 RECOVERY

The geolocation system Type 5 RECOVERY comprises a primary tracker and a backup secondary tracker. This innovative system ensures the recovery of a stolen vehicle, even in the event of deactivation of the main tracker. The autonomous secondary tracker, strategically concealable within the vehicle, plays a key role in facilitating retrieval.


Rollover detection and alert to populations

Protective case

The detector comprises a 110dB loudspeaker meeting the ATEX standard and a crashbox, a cutting-edge device equipped with a 3D accelerometer to analyze the driver's behavior and vehicle impacts, ensuring exceptional reliability.

Activated in the event of rollover or tilt, this independent device operates autonomously on the installed vehicle.

The anti-vandal protective case serves as a robust enclosure for the tracker. Designed with high durability and an opening detection system, it provides instant alerts for any attempted tampering or vandalism.

Attention loss detector


The attention loss detector is an advanced behavioral analysis system designed to identify signs of drowsiness, distraction, and activities such as phone usage or smoking while driving. Utilizing real-time facial analysis through a camera, the system triggers alerts via a loudspeaker to redirect the driver's focus back to the road.

Compact and effective, the small buzzer serves as a driver alert in the event of anomalies. With a sound power ranging from 85 to 110 decibels, it ensures audible warnings even in noisy environments or vehicles.

BUSCAN feedback device

Smart fuel cap

The BUSCAN feedback device serves as a versatile interface for managing vehicle data from various sources. Its configurable functionalities and extensive connectivity enable the uploading of data from the on-board computer, making it an ideal tool to seamlessly interface with software from the GloboConnect range.

The Smart fuel cap is a connected cap to protect heavy-duty vehicles's fuel tanks.

The connected cap detects any tampering attempt before the tank is opened, triggering real-time alerts and enabling precise access management without the need for wiring.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Blind Spot Detection

The ADAS is based on AI technology and monitors the external environment in front of the vehicle. This device allows, among other things, to detect and alert the driver in the event of an imminent head-on collision, collision with a cyclist or pedestrian, continuous line crossing, non-compliance with safety distances, etc.

The BSD is a discreet and reliable device for detecting pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or others who are moving in a blind spot. Truck drivers are often faced with vehicle intrusion into their blind spots causing many accidents.

Breathalyzer analysis device

The ignition interlock device with breathalyzer analysis integrates a portable breathalyzer and a vehicle starter device, effectively preventing drivers from operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol.


All-in-one embedded touchscreen

Smart padlock

The all-in-one embedded touchscreen is a 7-inch interactive display, offering an all-encompassing solution for tracking vehicles while maintaining communication with the driver through integrated interactive software.

With integrated GSM and GPS antennas, cameras, and support for various vehicle and peripheral interfaces, the all-in-one embedded touchscreen is exceptionally well-suited for efficiently managing a diverse fleet of vehicles.

The smart padlock is a cutting-edge connected device equipped with GPS tracking. Specifically designed for securing goods stored in trailers or containers, as well as safeguarding various access points, this electronic sealing device provides advanced security solutions.

Connected video system

Video system 2 dashcams

The connected video system is an advanced video recording device strategically installed in a vehicle to capture driving incidents occurring in its vicinity, offering crucial video evidence in the event of accidents. With the capacity to support up to 8 cameras, this system seamlessly streams live video footage directly to the Platinum platform through 3G or 4G connectivity, ensuring real-time access and monitoring.

The video system 2 dashcams is an advanced dual-camera dashcam solution equipped with GPS tracking, strategically installed in a vehicle to comprehensively record driving incidents. With cameras capturing footage from the front, inside, and behind the vehicle, this system is designed to provide crucial video evidence in the event of accidents or other incidents.

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